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Kishan Lal Caterers glances through each part of your celebration to best theme party enhancements in Delhi and guarantees to transform it into a triumph. In case you are searching for birthday celebration coordinators in Delhi and occasion organizers in Delhi we are known to be the best event caterers. There’s an explanation as to why we are known as the best caterers amongst other gathering coordinators in Delhi. We have a team of committed and talented experts who are masters in their separate fields. They put the best of the components together to make your gathering vital and charming.

#Alice In Wonderland

“People might think that you are crazy for what you wear or say but it doesn’t matter” well said the Cheshire cat. The most obvious thing that can be found in Alice’s adventure in wonderland is the theme of growing up. The story of Alice is dreamlike classic story wrapped in bow of red white and blue drapes mad hatter glittery signs playing cards giant clock and chain and cakes and cookies the theme entices both the young and old. The recreation of Alice Wonderland should begin with walking down to the rabbit hole to the marvelous wonderland that has got enchanting decorations having colorful chairs and tables. The wonderland might make you forget the way so also add some sign boards to help your guests not forget their way. How did Alice got into the wonderland? That’s something we all remember ..she needed a key.. so why not send your guests an unusual invitations like keys wrapped up in ribbons or customized invitations.

#70’S Disco 80’S Retro Or 90’S Pop Theme

Decade parties are a great way to combine the vintage elements from that period or any particular year and to make your theme trendy. Throw them a party that makes them feel like steeping into an evening of Saturday Night Fever and they go all out.

When planning for a super 70’s disco themed party… party coupled with strobe lights fuzzy dice and outrageous costumes with brightly colored accessories and platform shoes… consider creating the Star Wars … rocky horror picture or a video game theme with space invaders and asteroids. The disco menu must be both easy and fussy like nachos … watergate salad … jello molds and shrimp cocktails how can we forget that

If you plan to whoop it up by big 80’s theme that has trendy cabbage packed dolls … break dance… moon walking as a theme and has characters like Princess Diana… Tom Cruise… Cyndi Lauper and Donald Trump. Design the attire similar to the period like shoulder pads ripped jeans over-sized tops jelly shoes etc.

We must confess that we all love to live the 90’s that gave us some of our favorite artists … movies … T.V shows and so many. Whether you spent the whole decade asking your stylist for bucket hats plaid skirts or overall or discovering your favorite cartoon like the pokemon every part is unique and lovely. Don’t be buggin’ about the bright colors and flashing lights Troll dolls … Boomboxes… Rubik’s cube and geometric shapes with neon colors all needs to be somewhere in the party space.

#Arabian Night Theme

Think lamps and lights sweets and delights! Celebrate your Arabian Nights Party in the most middle-eastern style that has rich Moroccan décor… marquee interior that will make your guests believe they are really in luxury coupled with succulent and juicy food… colors lots of z and magical entertainment. A chill-out lounge and music because there’s of course more sounds than the only Aladdin soundtrack that brings soul to the party.

# Pink Party Theme

Pearlescent pink the color that symbolizes love friendship and all things feminine and mix it with gold and white color cloth drapes, pink diamonds, pink glittery stars, shimmer curtain we can help you create magnificent pink theme party. You have arrived at the correct place because we give our word for transforming the venue into fascinating pink wonderland and a magical setting. Well pink! This theme party attire will surely be easy one for women’s and men’s so create a twist and think something out of the trend like the one that has boisterous accessories like pink confetti wigs… costume glasses and pink scarves. The food in pink is more likely to be sweeter treats instead of the main course ….so we can add some pink food to the other food like the pink salad … pink-skinned potatoes … watermelon and many more.

#Enchanting Forest Theme

Let us host this enchanted party in your backyard or in the garden that is surrounded by greenery and has natural elements with all the fairies and pixies and necromancy… oh my! With minimalistic things required to enhance the already enhanced nature we suggest you to make postcard invitations cut into the shape of leaf and tree and toadstool or cards featuring animals that needs to be preserved. Dressed up in florals… pastels …brown and green colors and fairy tutus will be fun. We believe that outdoor parties must have some game and activities the most voted being the musical chair! So much in magics and nature but nothing can stop building up an appetite! so for food let’s think of colorful and natural for example fruit salad … stuffed mushroom caps juices and some desserts.

#Circus And Fun-Fair Theme

Let’s confess that this theme is never going to get old no matter what! We have everything to turn your fun-fair event into awe-inspiring carnival. To keep the guests engaged plan for some fun games like baseball toss… balloon dart-throw and ring toss. The decoration is the easiest part when planning for the circus and fun-fair theme like lions in cages giant magician hats and wands …. Ringmaster mannequins and funfair signs.

#Masquerade Ball Theme Party

Want some mystery and fun for the night well don’t think twice because we have got something that has been practiced since the renaissance period and have along history. Turning your imagination and inspiration into a real mystery fun night is really tough. However… when you have got one of the best caterers of Delhi NCR by your side you just don’t need to worry at all. Masquerade with all black and gold masquerade and black and white is so classic. Let us help you think of Mardi Gras… Great Gatsby…. Venetian Masquerade…Black Tie …Masquerade Candelabra and many more. Put on your mask and get set ready for the party.

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